Welcome to..... Chris' Story


This page is dedicated in loving memory to our son, Chris, who left us at age twenty four

 years old, whom we loved dearly and miss so much. Around twenty-two years old he

 developed mental illness, like 40 million other people in America. What kind? Schizophrenia.

 How did he die? He took his own life. You say that could never happen to us? Don't be too

 sure. It would be most tragic, if he is forgotten, because we can learn from his life, and his

 death. Maybe someone coming by this page knows of one that is struggling with despair,

 hopelessness, depression, mental illness and thoughts of suicide. Or maybe that someone

 is you! You need to know, if you are considering suicide or are a survivor of suicide, that

 "Suicide Hurts Everyone"!!  It is an experience like no other.  Especially if you are a parent

 who lost a child, like my husband and myself.  Maybe you are a sibling of someone who has

 completed suicide. At any rate, if suicide has touched your life, you will never be the same

 again.  You will learn what is meant by the term "a new normal" or you will divide your life

 by "before suicide" and your life "after suicide".  Yes, Suicide Hurts Everyone involved, the

 whole family and friends of your loved one.  We would love to see something good

 come out of all of our sorrow. It is our hope, that it helps someone, who finds himself or

 herself, in the same way, before it is too late. Chris and his family have a message for

 you.This is the purpose of sharing Chris' Story.  So stop with us a little while, and

 who knows, you may learn a little something to help someone else, or maybe even yourself.

 Whoever you are, this is our prayer for you today.

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